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Custom Guitars

Custom Built Guitars - Restorations - Repairs - Installations

I made guitars - and some strange other instruments in high school back in 1967. That was back when resources were much harder to find, and there was just a book or two in the city library on the topic. My father let me take over his shop and mess it up.

I played the first 12 string I built throughout college for 10 years or so until it had a bad accident, and at the time I had no shop to repair it.  It was a long scale oversized lute shaped guitar with a one-piece mahogany top and a composite lute shaped back. 


Years passed and my old interest reverted to simple repairs and set ups, while I did not have the facilities and, as I later learned, the sophistication to make the fine instruments I make today. I pursued a career as a designer, contractor, builder, and artist,  and then I met my generous friend Tom Johnson, a nuclear plant engineer and exceptionally fine craftsman, who had been building fine guitars for years. I spent around six years shadowing this creative and talented builder.  I often occupied his workbench with my own projects, and did the requisite assisting, cleaning, interfering, and interrogating, with every extra hour I had. This was my apprenticeship.


Time and treasure and many guitars later, I’ve retired (mostly) to my full time passion, making and repairing fine guitars.  When I need a break I play them and write songs.  I’m a lucky guy.

"In my shop something is strung for the first time, making its first sound, first chord, first scale.  Like an infant’s first breath, it is an incomparable thrill.  I watch as these creations reveal the personalities, attitudes and spirit they will be known for to those intimate with them."

-Mark Wahl

A sample of Wahl Custom Guitars

The Barrigar


Gilespie 1









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