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There’s no reason for alarm

‘bout the eagle on my arm,

‘less you’re moving and you’re warm,

it will never do you harm.


And it always wears a hood

so it won’t fly unless it should.

It’s blind to bad and blind to good;

it’s just instinct... and it’s food.


 Rising from an open glove,

watching over from above,

sees the hare among the weeds

and the dove among the trees.


Nature turns a callous eye;

some will dodge and some will die,

some will never leave the nest…

He’ll be watching all the rest.



Oooo, Oooo, Oooo…


First the rabbit, then the dove, 

you go ask them who they love!

Ask them who they're hiding from…  

Gonna find them deaf and dumb.


Shadow from a wing above,

cover up the ones you love!

Into burrows save their souls,

only place you control.




Nothing stands before the wind.

It will stir the earth again.

Grain of sand is comin’ in.

Anywhere it blows, it wins.


Circling the crimson sky,

darkness offers no disguise!

Trees will listen, stones will stare!

Face the dirt and say your prayers.


Oooo, Oooo, Oooo… 

Eagle On My Arm

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