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Once was a time when 

nothing was moving this fast, 

when life was an rolling field and

we were the dew in the grass.

Heaven was open

meteors would fly!

If you tried you could see yourself there

with a naked eye.


Ahhh… Oooo


Ahh, don’t you remember?

Everything was so loud!

We were holding hands and running

headlong through the crowd.

When all their faces

began to look the same…

You were all that I needed and soon

we were all that remained.


Ahhh… Oooo



But wasn’t it right?

Didn’t we know

when it was time

to break and go?

Taking chances,

moving feet!

Soon we were dancing in the

empty street,

and all our troubles were small!




Night was forever,

morning was late and slow.

Locusts were singing as

over and over we rolled!

The air was coffee and

oranges and traffic outside.

The window was open as time 

was framing our lives.


Ahhh… Oooo


Everynight, everywhere,

everyone’s drawn to the light.

No one is wiser than nature,

now isn’t that right?

Just as the candle

can not fear the flame,

consumed in our glory back then

it’s there we remain.


Na, Na, Na, Na, Na… Oooo




Sky is still open,

it just don’t look so clear.

Warm nights are colder now,

must be the time of the year.

Window is dirty and the

traffic is shaking the room.

The locusts are gone from the trees

all the leaves will be soon.


Ahhh… Oooo

Naked Eye

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